EIFS were developed in Europe after World War II and was initially used to retrofit solid masonry walls; it was later introduced in the United States in the late 1960’s. With rising energy prices, consumer’s awareness increase and proven performance it quickly became one of the most popular cladding systems in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Here are the top reasons why:

Energy efficiency

EIFS-1The world’s demand for energy is in constant rise. More and more effort is put to produce more efficient and cleaner energy. But many efforts are also toward reducing the consumption of energy.
Approximately half of global energy demand is consumed by residential and commercial sector; up to 60% of this energy is used for space heating and air conditioning. By using Pleko EIFS systems around 30% to 50% of that energy can be saved!

This can be achieved by completely enveloping the building, acting as a thermal blanket and therefore eliminating thermal bridging. Pleko  Therm Systems provide a higher R-value that remains constant through the wall.
Another added benefit is that reducing energy consumption will cut carbon dioxide emissions in buildings allowing for a more sustainable future.

Moisture control for healthier wall

Pleko uses EWI (External Wall Insulation) which means the insulation is installed on the outside of the external walls. This doesn’t only reduce energy consumption but also eliminates thermal bridges, reduces air, wind and moisture penetration through the system.
The condensation of water in the wall can result in fungi and mold growth which are cause for many respiratory and health related issues. To control water condensation and minimize thermal shock, whether in cold or hot climates the key is to keep the wall’s temperature as stable as possible through its core.



For wet climate Pleko recommends the use of Therm Plus or Rain Drain Systems that additionally provide a secondary weather barrier and drainage system.

Design flexibility

Colours, textures and shapes make buildings stand out or blend into their environments. Pleko EIFS offer architects almost endless design possibilities: EPS can be cut, grooved, assembled to create any shape, curve, cornice, and aesthetic details.

It is very light and easily installed. The wide range of finishes offers unlimited colours and textures. This combination gives character to your structure and allows to recreate any style from modern to vintage, stone-like, brick-like, or even metallic… the choice is virtually boundless. No other cladding system can provide this benefit.

Weather ability and Durability

Pleko EIFS are formulated to provide maximum weather protection; the various grades of finishes feature advanced technology to improve long term performance. All components of the systems are combined to provide unmatched long term durability and have been rigorously tested for resistance to fire, wind, water penetration, weathering, impact, freeze thaw…. It’s no wonder that Pleko EIFS installed on buildings decades ago are still performing effectively after years and years of exposure to sun, rain, winds and hail both in hot and cold climates.


Green Sustainability LEEDership

Buildings have a significant impact on the environment; Pleko is committed to help reduce this impact by offering green sustainable alternatives. The Optimized Energy efficiency granted by the airtight envelope prevents infiltrations and heat transfer: this reduces the consumption of our natural resources and lowers the carbon footprint of the building. As a non-load bearing cladding less material can be used for foundation and structural beams of new structures; whereas for retrofitting existing buildings, system will be adapted onto the existing structure extending its life, isn’t that better than demolishing it and building again?

Optimized Energy efficiency, Reduced environmental footprint, Reduced Material Requirements, Building Reuse and Durability make Pleko Systems some of the most sustainable on the market and can account for several credits in LEED certification.

Cost Effective

Pleko EIFS are easily and rapidly installed hence reducing application cost. As the system is on the outside there is no need for the tenants to vacate the building abolishing relocation costs. The routine maintenance required is minimal compared to other cladding systems: it only involves cleaning and joints sealers checking. The superior thermal resistance allows reduction of around 35% of energy bills, which means that the system typically pays for itself over few years! Furthermore it allows for downsizing of the HVAC unit, which initial cost difference offsets and exceeds the initial extra cost of insulation. In conclusion ease of adaptation and initial installation, minimal maintenance and continuous savings over the years make Pleko EIFS an extremely Cost Effective system.

EIFS is the best!

It is simple: Its superior energy efficiency and moisture control combined to its weather ability and durability makes it the ideal sustainable, cost effective system. It is not just talk; many studies comparing cladding systems show that EIFS is the best performing wall system!

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