PLEKO Therm System

Widespread Traditional Class PB Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). PLEKO Therm System offers significant advantages in comparison to other claddings: Energy Savings; Design Flexibility, Ease of Application, Weather Resistance; Durability, Cost Effective and Low maintenance

Consists of PLEKO approved expanded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate insulation board, adhesive coat, reinforcing mesh, Base coat, Finish coat, and applicable accessories to form an energy efficient exterior wall.


PLEKO Therm Plus System

“Modified version of PLEKO Therm System to provide a secondary weather barrier and allow positive drainage of water.
PLEKOTherm Plus consists of PLEKO Waterproof Adhesive, approved EPS insulation board, reinforcing mesh, WP Base coat, Finish coat, and applicable accessories (rubberized perimeter membrane & starter weep screed) to form an energy efficient exterior wall, designed to provide positive drainage for incidental moisture.”


PLEKO Rain Drain System

PLEKO Therm System modified to enhance protection against any water that may enter the system at various penetrations of the wall. The system is engineered to allow positive drainage of water through specially configured grooves behind the foam.   It also provides a secondary weather barrier.

PLEKORainDrainconsistsofPLEKOapprovedandspeciallyconfiguredEPSinsulationboard,reinforcing mesh, Base coat, Finish coat, and applicable accessories (mechanical fasteners, secondary weather barrier, rubberized perimeter membrane & starter weep screed) to form an energy efficient exterior wall, designed to provide positive drainage for incidental moisture


PLEKO Plekote System

Plekote is the high build thick coat system designed to meet the toughest environmental conditions. Your first choice whenever vandalism, heavy use and abuse are common. When mechanically fastened to extruded or high density expanded polystyrene board, it creates an energy efficient insulation with extra-ordinary resistance to ultra-high impact damage.

Comprised of extruded polystyrene insulation board, reinforcing fabric, mechanical fasteners, polymer modified base coat containing chopped fiber glass strands, finish coat, and applicable accessories to form a highly impact resistant, energy efficient exterior wall.


PLEKOTherm Stucco System

For the look of stucco with long-term savings, choose Pleko Therm Stucco. This unique system’s life cycle cost outperforms the conventional cement stuccos. This simple four-step application process also saves money and time. The tough resiliency of the Pleko finish coating ensures low maintenance costs for the long term. Field tested for many years, the Therm Stucco System stands up to weather and wear. A popular choice for both commercial and residential structures. The system consists of EPS board or gypsum sheathing, wire mesh or lath, acrylic modified cement stucco, Finish coat and applicable accessories (mechanical fastners, building paper…)


PLEKO Direct Apply System

Pleko Direct Apply System is a contemporary wall system with the classic beauty of stucco. This low maintenance system withstands the tests of time, weather, wear, abrasion and impact. This textured wall coating system offers dramatic decorating possibilities for both exterior and interior applications. Like all PLEKO products, you choose from several textures and colors. System consists of Elastomeric Joint Sealer, Basecoat and Finish coat.


PLEKO EIFS Prefabricated Panels

In order to build more efficiently prefabricated panels of PLEKO EIFS can be offered. The same advantages of PLEKO Therm System can be achieved with reduced onsite installation time, equipments and construction wastes. Factory material application enhances quality control and allows work thru any weather condition. Other systems can also be panelized.  Alternatively contractors can decide to apply PLEKO systems in panels themselves and then assemble them on site.

SubstrateTherm SystemTherm PlusRain DrainPlekoteTherm StuccoDirect Apply
Exterior Grade Gypsum Sheathing (α)
Sheet rock (Interior only)
Fiber Cement Board
Exterior Plywood(α) Exposure I Board(α)
Open-Frame Construction

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