Modified version of PLEKO Therm System to provide a secondary weather barrier and allow positive drainage of water.

PLEKO Therm Plus consists of PLEKO Waterproof Adhesive, approved EPS insulation board, reinforcing mesh, WP Base coat, Finish coat, and applicable accessories (rubberized perimeter membrane & starter weep screed) to form an energy efficient exterior wall, designed to provide positive drainage for incidental moisture.



Energy Savings
Design Flexibility
Secondary Weather Barrier
Weather Resistance
Cost Effective
Low maintenance
R-Value @75°F1"2"3"4"
With Expanded Polystyrene 1.0pcf 3.85 7.70 11.55 15.40
With Expanded Polystyrene 1.5pcf 4.178.3412.5116.68
With Polyisocyanurate 2.0pcf614.3--