Pleko offers the best of two worlds; Attractive finishes that accommodate many design concepts and cost-effective, practical solutions to building requirements.

Development product line began more than 45 years ago in the laboratories of Droesser Chemicals. Inc., a leading West German chemical manufacturer. Years of research, development and field testing in the United States have resulted in a line of superior synthetic wall coatings and adhesives.

Pleko products deliver a combination of features that many more conventional stucco finishes can’t offer.
The Pleko line provides a beautiful finish for any building.

At the same time, it is easy to apply, weather resistant, durable, damage resistant, and virtually maintenance free. All at a reasonable initial cost. Explore the possibilities with one of these remarkable exterior systems: Pleko Therm System, Pleko Rain Drain System, Pleko Therm Plus System, Plekote System, Pleko Direct Apply System, Pleko Therm Stucco System.

Exterior Grade ** Gypsum Sheathing
Sheet rock (Interior Only)
Fiber Cement Board
Exterior Plywood Exposure I Board
Open-Frame Construction
R-Value @75°F1"2"3"4"
With Expanded Polystyrene 1.0pcf 3.85 7.70 11.55 15.40
With Expanded Polystyrene 1.5pcf 4.178.3412.5116.68
With Polyisocyanurate 2.0pcf614.3--